Behind the Blog

Hi and welcome to MostlyCakes!

This page is most about cakes, do’h I love baking and making desserts. There’s just something immensely satisfying about creating something beautiful and tasty for the delight of family and friends.

My goal with MostlyCakes is to create a blog filled with delicious cakes, desserts, confectionary, food and lots more. I want to inspire you with my cakes and food if you, some day, should be in doubt about what that day’s afternoon/evening cake or supper should be – and we all know that feeling.

To me the purpose of a cake is that it is supposed to taste good, including the decoration. That’s why I stick to marzipan (which I know is not all that used or well-known in some parts of the world, but maybe I can tempt you. Just remember to get the good kind with a minimum of 50-60% almonds – perhaps you have to look for it online), good chocolate and by and large quality products. It’s not harder to work with quality products than with the less tasty sugar nightmares.

In my private life, I live with my husband Morten and my daughter Ella and I have a Master’s in English and History.
We have lived almost 1 year in Sydney which you’ll be able to see in some of my recipes.

I hope that you’ll find some inspiration to sweeten your everyday life here on my page. Should you have a question or a comment to a recipe, feel free to comment on that recipe and I’ll get back to you
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My inspiration comes among others from: